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A day in the tropical rainforest

On Thursday the 22. November, class 7d went on a bilingual geography excursion to the Botanical gardens at the University of Tübingen. Inside the tropical rainforest house we saw a part of a Brazilian rainforest.

There were lots of interesting flowers and other plants. The student guides there showed us lots of cool things and we were given different worksheets to learn everything about the plants in the tropical rainforest. After the tour we had time to look around or eat something Some of us took pictures of the different kinds of plants and trees. Others enjoyed a tasty hot chocolate.

After this exciting morning we went back to school by train.




Thank you, Mrs. Trevallion and Mr. Baier for this really nice dayWritten by Maximilian Hasel, 7d

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Veröffentlicht am 26. November 2018